Media Archaeology

Media Archaeology 2010:  Popular Science Program

Participants: Igor Đorđević and  Bojana Andrić

June 12, 2010, 18h

Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

In the first program of the new series of Media Archaeology project, Kosmoplovci group from Belgrade will present  several documentary and experimental films in the spirit of popular science culture, emphasizing  documentary and artistic interpretations of the material made about the satellite station “Jugoslavija” in Ivanjica. Beside the found footage film produced in 2001 by Kosmoplovci, we will have the opportunity to see documentary materials broadcasted in the frame of Trezor TV project  in April 19, 2010. The author of the Trezor project of the National Television of Serbia, Bojana Andrić,  will offer a specific point of view on this genre of TV production as a part of the overall television history,  in conversation with Igor Đorđević from Kosmoplovci. As a conclusion of the program, Kosmoplovci will make a premiere screening of their new video.

Kosmoplovci: Satelitska stanica

TREZOR 435 (19/04/2010), Povodom aprilskih rusenja Satelitske stanice u Ivanjici

( REC INZENJERA, 11:56, 2010; Gledaoci i TV: SATELIT U IVANJICI, 19:49, 1976; 3. 22 miliona: SATELITSKA STANICA U IVANJICI, 28:29, 1983)

Kosmoplovci: “The computer and the mind of man – program I – logic by machine / the persistence of memory”

Media archaeology is a research and program project, initiated in 2006 in the Archive of Alternative Film and Video in “Students’ City” Cultural Center in Belgrade, aiming to establish a public platform for comprehension of media phenomena through observation of media forms (as the basic media mechanisms) and formations in their continuity. The project  Media archaeology is now based in Center for Cultural Decontamination, and is open for collaboration and exchange with institutions, individuals, media archives, researchers, artists, journalists and all interested, with open call for contributions, participation and suggestions for the new series “Media Archaeology: 2010”. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Serbia. The team of the project: : Boško Prostran, Jovan Bačkulja, Aleksandra Sekulić, Ivica Đorđević, Nebojša Petrović

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