Turbo Comix

Turbo Comix is a publication house comprised of Johanna Marcadé (France) and Bruno Tolić (Croatia) that aims to publish independent comics from Serbia and Croatia in France. Currently Turbo Comix is based in France and in Belgrade.

They already published a book about comics from the region, STRIPOVI/СТРИПОВИ Bande dessinée indépendante en Serbie et en Croatie, that was distributed in France, Belgium, and Switzerland by Le Comptoir des Indépendants.

Johanna Marcadé also curated the exhibition STRIPOVI in Lille, Wattrelos, and Roubaix (France), which presented original comics pages published in the book and the posters and drawings of Igor Hofbauer (Croatia). These exhibitions were part of the event “Europe XXL” organised by Lille3000, which lasted for three months in Lille (France). The goal of this event, organized on the anniversary of the fallen Berlin Wall, was to present the cultural scene of central Europe today.

Turbo Comix future plans include publishing a collection of solo books from Serbian and Croatian authors translated into French, such as Igor Hofbauer, Studiostrip, Dunja Jankovic and Wostok.



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