Novo Doba festival 2013

Love never ends



Center for Cultural Decontamination,
Bircaninova 21,

28th May



Media Archaeology

Love Never Ends – Half-way Meeting

From the secret compartments of Media Archaeology, halfway memory, new romanticism in the dawn of the old romanticism.
Media Archaeology – a program selected by Aleksandra Sekulic i Jovan Backulja



POD teatar

The Mystery: Love

We all sometimes feel as characters in a Spanish soap opera. We lose our minds because of love and we suffer when our hearts are broken. The performance The Mystery: Love explores the theme of falling in love and relationships between men and women in a witty and ironic manner.
The performance is a product of POD Teatar’s (Objective Drama Project Theatre) work with the children from the Belgrade Children’s Shelter.
Cast: children from the Shelter.



Dunja Jankovic

An authoress, a scientist, MA, a student and a latent professor, an experimenter, a young activist and a strict organiser. Countless festivals, anthologies, CVs, honours, certificates, commendations, awards, references, magazines, and her own ego fanzines (5 issues, all good), despite the open road to popular acclaim and a silent audience, she remained true to her personal expression and stimulus, of sound picture motion, difficult to define with points of reference and genres, subdivision – from the gutter to galleries, from the static approach to an experiment in motion, dead serious, raw, primitive, clinically clean, purified, new, born, mixed in the right proportion according to the alchemist cook-book, with eastern spices, carefully chosen, to the western borders of glass gardens and their decay, to Babylon.
From the main shipyard, the deepest underground, of Latin Europe and Nordic America, the heroes are super, their model of behaviour is autistic, from the island, Mali Lošinj, the city of Zagreb, US of America.

Silk-screen Printing

Ceger Fanzine prints Dunja Jankovic’s work in black on your t-shirts. The hit of summer 2013 – modern design, free prices.

Fijuk store

A general distributor of independent comics from America, France, Japan and many other countries. For collectors, admirers and fans of comics, for the loaded and those not so well-off.

Cultural center Rex

Jevrejska 16,

29th May




This year too, in collaboration with the Novo Doba Festival, KidsPatch organises workshops for children in the field of comics, illustration and graphic art.



The Elephant programme, by Animateka

After the creative activities, the children and a wider audience will be able to watch a selection of animated films for the youngest from the Slovenian Festival of Animated Film Animateka.



Animateka by Animateka – a selection of short films from the Central and Eastern Europe.

Existing since 2004, The International Festival of Animated Film Animateka has a goal of improving the circulation of the production of animated film from the Central and Eastern Europe. The Animateka Festival has maintained a long-term cooperation with comic book authors such as Danijel Zezelj, M. S. Bastian, Matti Hagelberg, Max Andersson, and Julie Doucet, presenting their work through exhibitions and posters made for the Festival.



Aleksandar Opacic

Kosmolac, 1973.

A blind batman, Kosmoplovac, the professor of Studiostrip. A teacher of drawing kicked out for his relentless attitude towards pupils ( “All children deserve an A”), the teacher kicked out for disregarding the curriculum, implementing his own instead.
Owing to the personal interest, as well as to the interest of not so small a number of his admirers, colleagues, life companions and followers, this recluse from the edge of all precipices – moral and ethical, expert and professional, remains a true believer in graphic narration in this unhappy world, awkwardly termed the comic book. Another year or so…

Silk-screen Printing

Fanzine Ceger will be printing a work of Aleksandar Opacic, Betty Boop, in silk-screen printing technique, on your clothes – on your favourite t-shirts, over your heroes, heroines, idols, and ‘idolines’, at the opening of the exhibition…in a single stroke of the squeegee.

Fijuk store

A general distributor of independent comics from America, France, Japan and many other countries. For collectors, admirers and fans of comics, for the loaded and those not so well-off.


Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 4,

29th May


Video Manipulation Workshop

Artist in Residence Programme

An informal summit of video performers, an exchange of ideas and experiences of regional artists. The guests are welcome to bring their computers and join in. VJ-ing: Quartz Composer, Syphon, DMX, MIDI triggering, OSC, video mapping, VJ jam session.

FŠK is a video artist and a programmer. He is the author of the legendary game Line Rider. He has cooperated with a large number of musicians and artists ( Tetkine radosti, Neven Korda…) He performs together with Lina Rica in concerts and festivals.

Izvanredni Bob is a desperado of the Belgrade scene. He was born in the late 1970s in a country that doesn’t exist any more. He has been present in the show business since childhood.



Omladinac 11

A duo of capricious artists of opposite sex, maybe a trio of the equally different, electronic gadgets and a vocal sentiment of a blond singer ranging from Marlene Dietrich to Silvana Armenulic, a naive, shy, and a bit provocative stream of emotions, the Belgrade premiere.

Za pokolj duše

A necro punk band of five from Belgrade that captivates with their Tuvan throat singing to the synthesizer accompaniment and their anti-showbiz lyrics. They created hits like “Kao krokodil” and “She Male”. The making of the album is in progress.

Mršavi pas

Mršavi pas is an ambassador of good will and free behaviour.
Mršavi pas has been into music since he was fourteen. After a series of guitar r’n’r bands he opted for solo shows.
A guitar for the right-handed turned by 180 degrees.
We don’t want what’s ours, we don’t give up what belongs to other people!

Kopy Kat

MC Kopy Kat is a rapper. She’s also probably a girl. She’s a bit confused sometimes about who she is, but that doesn’t stop her from spitting out rhymes that will make your momma cry and beats that will get your ass moving around. Electronic home-made porno-diss hip hop, just for you. And, just for Novo Doba 4 – costume design by the one and only Dunja Jankovic.

DJ set



Brace Krsmanovic 4,

30th May



Come and mask yourself and others at mask making workshop led by our friends, Oficina Arara from Portugal!


Opening of the exhibitions

Oficina Arara / Buraco (Portugal)

Founded in 2010 by a group of artists, designers and a mechanical engineer, Oficina Arara is a graphic/art laboratory equipped to work with silkscreen, along with other printing and editing techniques. Based in an old hangar at a dead-end alley in Porto (Portugal), it works as an arena for experimental artistic mixed-media fusion, rescuing the organic plasticity and vibration of the matter through hand-printed posters, books, record covers, etc.
The magazine Buraco’s stimulating lucidity opens new windows in its comic strips and drawings, powerfully enigmatic and clever, as well as in its complex and exigent writing (essays, poems, fiction, reports, charades).

Jean-Jacques Tachdjian / La Chienne (FR)

Jean-Jacques Tachjian is an artist and a publisher from Lille (France). He is one of the pioneers of the publication of alternative comics scene in the 1980’s, and has always been an illustrator and a graphic designer, with a particularly rich opus in typography. Later, he created the publishing house La Chienne, which has had the opportunity during the manifestation Lille3000 to work with authors from Serbia and Croatia such as Igor Hofbauer and Aleksandar Zograf. The exhibition will present his work as a publisher and as an artist.



No Basement Is Deep Enough presents:

Nuno Marques Pinto (Portugal)

As an actor, a stage director, a poet, a performer and an imaginary member of the Pataphysical College, he prefers living poetry over any other form of expression. He is also a participant in many collectives that radically criticize the current state of society. Therefore he is allergic to systems, doctrines and dogmas. When his allergies kick in, his teeth and his hands grow.


MSHR is a psychic realm between Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper that takes form as ceremonial electronics, interactive sound/light/zone installations, bio-tech interface design, and quasi-virtual reality.

Bajage (Serbia)

Although active in the mid 1990s as Zitiste’s premier outsider outfit, this hardcore muppet improv trio (Dve Bajage minus 1 plus 2) only held their first public slaying -and merciless it was- at last year’s edition of Novo Doba, thanks to the endless efforts of This year, these Serbian skronk maestros will present the retrospective Dve Bajage double cassette whammy just released on No Basement Is Deep Enough by playing not one single note featured on it. Instead, they will spell Foetus with the D of dada.

Dotepenec (Croatia)

Release party for the compilation ‘Intentional Mistaeks – pop products of electrical post-yu Ambivalents’ by NAUK (
Dotepenec – graduated, single, non-smoking, no pets, looking for a small flat or a room with a separate entrance, no deposit nor insects. Kitchenette. Baseboard preferred. Silence cabinet. Linoleum. Contract.


Saturnus (1971) and more

Ludo Mich (Belgium)

Ludo Mich is a painter, a sculptor, a holographer, a musician, a performance artist and a Fluxus associate best known for the series of pansexual aktionist film interpretations of Greek myths and space stories he made in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Besides, Saturnus (1971) – shot with a self-made fish-eye-lens- remains one of the cornerstones of the Belgian underground cinema, bleeping the strange decaying life in outer space right into your skull.

DJ set

Nitkov [of flexipunk] spins and swings 3/4 rhythm. waltz and tango in the ghostly arms of your first sweetheart, to the melodies as golden as kisses in the summer of 1920… with moral cadence in manners.

No Basement Is Deep Enough is a Belgian-Serbian audiophile pogrom run by Ignace De Bruyn and Milja Radovanovic, releasing cassettes and vinyl. Though against any sort of categorization, the label focuses mainly on the ‘weirdo’, the ‘outsider’ and ‘the misfit’, since they are the semantic prisoners of the false prophets of the cultural hegemony. More on why DIY doesn’t spell DIE in this interview:

Inex film

Višnjička 76,

31th May



The Karkatag Collective

We Love It When It Hurts

We harrow the metal all day long, building a perfidious machinery that will wash our hands, with a sinful intent to harrow the warm outsides and insides of some tamed bodies, with no responsibility, when the night falls. for love never ends.
// a semi-coercive workshop in the field of love differences
// 12 hours of metal, leather, nerves and muscles
// the scenery for encouraging the dirty habits of “Klopka za pionira” and (especially) “Dedice”

Linocut workshop

Le Garage L

Le Garage L. is a studio of artists and craftsmen. The association publishes handmade books, with traditional and experimental printing and bookbinding techniques; organizes exhibitions, workshops and apprenticeship for both large and specific audience (scholars and students, beginners and professionals), and runs an independent bookshop.
Come take part in their linocut workshop and get introduced to the art of carving and printing techniques.
You will leave with your own print and works will be used to make a Garage Love fanzine during the festival!

Comics flea market

Sale, resale, exchange of goods, original prints in small print runs, signed, verified, currency exchange, the scent of mothballs, half price, Christine Christine … half a fanzine, lipstick traces on the cover, a front page, with a veteran gay, a youth pioneer, a thong of cashmere, a silk shawl of old. everything we have, and we have everything, if we don’t have it, we’ll make it, I’m buying a round, selling everything. Step right up!
Publishers: Dirty Editions, Greed Graphics, Elektrika, Garage L, Novo doba, Vanco Rebac, Oficina Arara, Wormgod, Mubarec, Symposion, Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, La Rata Rey & Rafael Rodríguez, Pachiclón…


DJ-ing, VJ-ing + izložba radova

Happy Trash Production

The Third Age – Dandruff Party

(Branislav Petrić, Staniša Dautović, Dragan Matić, Željko Piškorić)
DJ Čkalja, DJ Mija, DJ Taško, DJ Burduš
Different languages, picture, installation, audio/video, performance, marginal language and actions, authenticity, freshness, lack of manners, and expression spreading in wider and wider spirals in all directions.


Kumovi(The Best Men)

Wedding Special!
Danijel Savovic and Goran Stojcetovic, best men, exhibit drawings, paintings and objects, and invite you to their best man festivity!

Silk-screen Printing

Miroslav Lazendic Miki, also known as Dr Gnoj in the world of comics, prints in black, green, and white on your t-shirt and mine.



Dedice (The Grandaddies)

Formerly a secret, male society, the ghosts of the deceased. They regularly take part in confrontations with other organised private groups, always getting the worst of it. You can also find them at graveyards. Some are buried. There are women among them, men in disguise, actually. The dogs are upset and barking and howling can be heard in several neighbouring villages. Wailing and molebens, the Grandaddies are stealing and kidnapping, insulting and swearing, drinking blood and carousing, dancing upside down to gusle, guitars without strings, twanging the bass, beating the iron drums and Russian synthesizers.

Klopka za pionira

A vocal-instrumental noise band from Belgrade and Pancevo.
A special premiere performance of new songs at Novo Doba, together with chosen old hits.
Remind yourselves why Klopka is your favourite band.


Videododir – feel the true half-touch live!
The cult romantic retro synth-pop duo from Belgrade.

Draga Machine

Dear Machine is a robot that plays MIDI hits.
Sevgili Machine MIDI şarkıları çalan bir robottur.
Уважаемые Машина робота, который играет MIDI хитов.
Hyvä Machine on robotti, joka toistaa MIDI osumia.
Is é a chara Meaisín a chlárú go n-imríonn amas MIDI.



Radomira Putnika 7

Hall of the Pančevo Municipality

Trg Kralja Petra I 2-4

1st June




The Story of How Uncle Boca listened to The Residents

Wostok & Sanja S.

First, The Residents recorded an Eskimo sound transmission and released it on a record, which Wostok played to his father Boća, who wrote down his impressions and this written record will serve as a script for the graphic workshop “The Story of How Uncle Boća listened to The Residents”; come to watch quietly and wonder and take part in the multispiritualistic seance of the ultramedia transplosion in Elektrika!



Grrr! Program

Two authors from different parts of the world – David Lasky (USA) and Jean-Jacques Tachdjian alias El Rotringo (France) – will, with the help of slides, speak about their work in the field of comics.

A comics author, an illustrator and a teacher David Lasky has been a part of Seattle’s independent scene for more than 20 years. His and Frank M. Young’s graphic novel, The Carter Family – Don’t Forget his Song, was published by Abrams publishing house.

El Rotringo, in his birthplace of Lille, has self-published independent zines and other works which, as early as the 1980s, have had an international charm- being one of the first zines to publish the most prominent names in alternative comics from all over the world. He is also active in curating exhibitions and workshops, and working on his own artistic production in the field of comics and art prints.


Hall of the Pančevo Municipality

Guided tour through the exhibition

David Lasky (Seattle, USA)

This year’s guest of the artist in residence program that is organised by the Elektrika Association, American comics author David Lasky, will conduct a guided tour through his exhibition and talk about the selection of the most important works from his opus.




Love Never Ends

Posters, postcards, napkins, romance novels, magazines for two, framed photographs, newspaper clippings, from the attic, secret compartments of girls’ drawers, boys’ howls, new Fijuk exhibitions at the Elektrika gallery in Pančevo, Novo Doba, Love Never Ends. Come, don’t be a miser. Dancing, flirting, music, lemonade and DJ Jahvo.

Silk-screen Printing

The most famous superhero from Hvar for the first time in Belgrade. Lavanderman – bring your t-shirts to get the print of this uncompromising fighter against moths and mosquitoes, by Vančo Rebac himself, on the spot.




Vis Limunada

VIS Limunada sails through the late 1950s and the early 1960s. In their shows they revive the atmosphere of the European Rivieras and festivals, as well as the movies like La Dolce Vita, Bonjour Tristesse and Ljubav i moda. The excitement of the schlager, early rock and beat music is permeated by the melodrama of youth dances. Combining different genres and singing in various languages, they term their musical orientation the Old Wave.

DJ Jahvo

Josip Bolonić – Joža (1977) Conceived in London, born in Zagreb. A passionate collector of various genres of music, and sometimes DJs different kinds of music. A self-proclaimed director, editor, cameraman, and animator. A collector of bad, and sometimes good movies. A friend of animals, he wears some of them, and he eats some. He likes to eat, drink, and likes to see himself in people’s company, more often bad than good. He doesn’t like injustice, but avoids justice. Often ready to crack a joke, is serious rarely. Currently, contributes to, the website of the Association for New Sociocultural Initiatives Subsite.


Dom omladine Pančevo

Svetog Save 10

Historic archive of the City of Pančevo

Nemanjina b.b.

2nd June


Dom omladine Pančevo



This year, on their scavenging mission, the Mubareć horde discovers the ancient alchemist secret of turning shit into pie. Come, lets throw a solidary esthetic jerk-off. Shit to shit, dust to dust, faeces tantum. Love conquers all.


Historic archive of the City of Pančevo


Boris Pramatarov

Addicted to black and white hatching and dots. Millions of dots and tiny lines on smooth paper. Litres of Indian ink, ink drying in the rapidograph. The pitch-black sky, medieval animals, black silhouettes, deformed figures dancing in the hollow skull, Siamese fetuses gone wild, mental flora and fauna, skeletal structures, bone and loose skin, wobbly flesh.
There are rumours in the blogosphere that this promising young Bulgarian has attended a South Korean College of Fine Arts and has been the single guy among the six thousand young Korean female students.
Why him? Who sends him? Who supplies him with black Indian ink? What visual arts techniques has he studied in Korea? Where, in fact, is Bulgaria?
Find answers to these and some other questions at the exhibition of this year’s author of the poster for the Novo Doba Festival!


Dom omladine Pančevo


Novo Doba

Posters from the Fijuk Laboratory in offset and silk-screen printing techniques made in the past three years.
The Fijuk Laboratory is a nomad workshop, wandering and making posters, without fixed abode in this wide world. Posters printed in the Old Continent in other people’s workshops, from Ljubljana and Zagreb, to Rome and Lyon…

Miro Župa

Posters for Concerts from the Future

The Posthumous Joy! – Angle Excites Doris!!! Posters for concerts from the future, supporting acts and headliners, neo garter pop. Castrated Hoof, The Vague Attack, Sleepy Swastikas, Kidnapped Pony, The Black Skoda, Oh Tatjana, the Heavenly Unrest, Srđan’s Compromises, The Caucasus Kefirs in the Garden of Inconsiderate Gibanicas, in Dom Omladine, Pancevo, on Holy Sunday. Do not zigzag with your education, dream of me until it hurts.


Dom omladine Pančevo


Floating World Animation

DMTV3 is a collection of experimental and psychedelic animation from around the world. The emphasis is on non-commercial, personal work. We seek pure vision. Some of the films push visual noise and glitch to the limit while others reach a peak of ambient degaussed bliss. Curated by Jason Leivian, owner of Floating World Comics (Portland, OR USA)
Artists include: Johnny Woods, Ken O’Connell and Terry Beyer, KOKOFREAKBEAN, Pink Twins, Shalo P, Suzan Pitt, Yoshi Sodeoka and more!


Dom omladine Pančevo



Nastrom plays old-school industrial doom rock. It started in 2012 as a one-man project of Stevan Lenhart (Pamba, Defaced but Beautiful).

Crno Dete

Crno Dete plays and makes music for piano, electric guitar and electronic instruments.

Autistik front

The best ex-yu rock’n’pop’n’folk tribute one man band at present will cheer and jolly you up with a carefully chosen repertoire of hits from some happier times.

Žigon Mortis

A mysterious band that takes you on an auditive journey through the unknown and promises fishing in troubled waters.

Lenhart Tapes

One man, four walkmans, big party, loads of cassettes, opposite sounds, rewind and fast forward, thrown away cassettes, resurrected cassettes. Unexpected, shocking, honest, a fusion of modern, folk, moderate, radical, liberal, and tribal music for dancing. Tell me why you left me, say that cassette

Mubareć Karaoke

Come to &%&=-@=/(= and not to -/=&*/(/=%&@. Mubareć karaoke.

The Film team

Subsite (Zagreb)

Subsite is an association from Zagreb that edits the internet portal, which covers trends within the independent, alternative and underground scene in Croatia and wider in the region. This site includes announcements, reviews, video coverages and various kinds of information on a wide range of events in the cultural underground.

Kaja Šišmanović (Zagreb)

Kaja Šišmanović is a young director from Zagreb who had her debut at the Zagreb Festival of Documentary Film ZagrebDox this year with the movie Kak je doma? and won a special prize of the festival jury. The movie was made in the production of “Slobodna zona” from Belgrade.