Wednesday, Oct 4

AKC Matrijaršija



Mubareć collective

In light of their latest publication, which can be found at the festival, Mubareć collective will be running a workshop where they will draw and construct objects, and will use this occasion to get rid of their burden, which is something they kindly recommend to everybody. Wear warm clothes and we’ll keep you hydrated. Welcome.



Marko Krojač/Marc Schneider (Germany)

Marko Krojač,”our man in Berlin”, world traveller and connoisseur of ex-YU region, and photographer who interprets the spirit of this region and deals with socialism’s heritage by photographing memorial monuments scattered across the rustic chakras of the former federation, is returning to the Novo Doba stage, where he will exhibit new large-format graphics made from photographs of monuments which the author transposed into the screen printing medium.
Presentation of the book “A Builder in Vain. Bogdan Bogdanović”
The second part of the exhibition will feature a presentation of the book “A Builder in Vain”, made during Marko’s residence in Matrijaršija, and with the literary contribution by Mileta Mijatović, that explores the works of Bogdan Bogdanović, the most atypical architect, thinker, and certainly the only gnostic of the Socialist Modernism project of Tito’s Yugoslavia.



Marko Krojač/Marc Schneider (Germany)

† Dark-Punk / New-Wave / Death Rock from Berlin
† Underground, 80´s, New Romantic, Gothic, Punk, Wave
† gothic german lyrics
The band was founded in 2009 and soon became well-known on the German gothic scene. Through various phases, with or without the guitar player, Britta (vocals) now collaborates with Marko Krojač. They will come to Novo Doba as a duo, which will include other musicians in their performance (expect Mileta Mijatović, Vladimir Lenhart, and others)

Lenhart Tapes

Lenhart Tapes is a project that creates musical hogwash. One could call him a folk musician, among other things… but that wouldn’t do him justice. His work would be much better defined as obscenely eclectic musical witchcraft. No holds barred, Lenhart throws modern, traditional, avant garde and trash ingredients into his pita pie, and recycles them in a relentless spiral of loops and trance. (N. Vitković)

Thursday, Oct 5

Stara Kapetanija Gallery



Aleksandar Denić (Serbia)
“Denić’s Year”

“Denić’s Days” represent a one-year project commemorating each single day since the beginning of August 2016 until the end of August 2017. Otherwise available as 12 monthly publications, this time, all 365 original drawings will be in one place, endless and borderless. The anthology “Denić’s Year” is published by MKC Kombinat.
“For a full year, he has systematically teased us, making fun of known and obscure heroes and pseudo-heroes, putting in their mouths and hands seemingly random quantities of syllables and objects. On his right puppet master’s hand he put Ila the Musical Force, Pol Pot, Gile Orgazam and Marjan Rističević, and on his other hand he planted Marshal Pétain, Goran Marković and Snežana Babić. This topsy-turvy casting orchestrated through a libretto and ventriloquism of Maestro Denić propels its didactic dance.” (O. Lopušina)



Rođenice (Serbia)

Rođenice are an a cappella trio from Serbia formed in Novi Sad in 2009 during the three singers’ musical studies at Novi Sad Academy of Arts. They are Tamara Štricki Seg, Mirjana Raić and Tijana Stanković. They sing songs from the all over the Balkans.

Tunnel Gallery



Marjan Đarmati (Serbia)
It had to be so

First solo exhibition of an author more well known as a member of the band Dve Bajage.
“Hello! A ballpoint pen is an excellent tool for drawing, which is something I observed while watching your works and because of unfortunate circumstances (my hands froze), so I had to resort to your technique. Thank you for that. I had to temporarily (although I might hang on to it) work with a ballpoint pen, since I can’t work any other way, yet… But, I can tell you I am enjoying myself, for now I am still drawing preconceived forms, but time will come for a deeper dive…” (from online correspondence with Goran Stojčetović)




Ass (France)

ASS’s lonely ass is lost in the fog somewhere between black metal, techno, and trap, and tries to find his way through this mess by repeating a bass line, a beat and a sentence over and over and over and over and over.

Factory Farming (Sweden)

FACTORY FARMING paints the image of mankind as an industrial product and of our violent struggle for land, resources and political power. We speak of a society where the only mercy you can expect is the butcher’s knife.


Dr Kimble

The legendary 7inch DJ Dr Kimble is bringing his 80s rarities. 30 years of working as a DJ in Berlin, he played in almost every Berlin underground club. He often plays in London and festivals across England. The late great Lemmy Kilmister asked him to play music after several Motorhead’s shows in Berlin. He once said that Lemmy was the last person he ever allowed to freely dig around his singles.

Friday, Oct 6

Street Gallery



Spanish influenza

Disproportionately strong response of an organism’s immune system resulting in death. From a perfectly healthy man, in only a few hours or days at best, this strange virus takes everything. But it also brings so much more.

Martin Lopez Lam (Peru)

He is the city. He walks. He sees. He collects. His collection is piling up, it’s growing out of proportion. He can’t throw anything away. He is the biographer, he is the witness, he is the private eye. He stalks your boring commute to the center. He follows you home through the crowd and the weather. He is taking notes about discrete details. You don’t have time to look, Martin has.

Irkus Zeberio (Spain)

He is the fourth dimension. He reflects. He strikes. He trashes. His trash is piling up, it’s transgressing all channels. He can’t resist temptation. He is the cryptographer, he is the gamer, he is the leak. He leaves your boring body behind the computer. He follows you aimlessly through the world wide web. He is making a register of all your likes. You don’t have time for clickbait, Irkus has.
Future, past, last bank crisis. One more level before bed.



Klopka za Pionira (Serbia)

After a long hiatus, Klopka za pionira (Trap for Pioneer) will play again for Belgrade audience, they will arrive to the new era on horseback, ushering in the light at the end of the tunnel, steadily trotting and standing tall.
Presentation of the book “Trap for a Pioneer: Nerve Gas from the Speakers”
We are presenting a book, a monograph of sorts, about a band Klopka za Pionira (Trap for a Pioneer), which is also an anthology of fellow graphic companions, followers of the Seven-pointed red star, a secret organisation that has been conducting violent attacks against the gentle sensibilities and deceitful ideologies for ten years or maybe even more.

CUK Imago


List of participants: Haus (AUS) / / Martin Lopez Lam / Irkus Zeberio / Elías Taño / Azimut Brutal / Marko Krojač / Besna kobila, Komiko, Modesti / Mubareć / Omča / Dobra umetnička priča / Aleksandar Denić / Kosmogina / Kabinet 913 / Confusion Specialist / Studiostrip / SKCNS, Dirty Books, Dirty Bunker / LOM / Undergrad / Profesor Srđan / Midži koji žvrlja / Asterijan / Tonja & Nevena / Anarhija, Blok 45 & Bubašvaba pres / KIZ Baraba, CLS / Crna kuhinja, Utopia / Kosmogina / Sirius Production / Deve / Beogradski Graffitti / Krajnji program, Kombinat / Pazl svet Srbija / Atomic Garden Records, Counterculture Records, Color Triangle Recordings / Miloš Petrović / Jana Vuković / Novo doba / Fijuk // Duja: keramika / ToBiTiVolela printovi / Cyberpunk Accessories / Lavirint art / Tikve lampe / Bundevica / Kabrionela Crafts…

Mubareć collective’s book

Life, death, love and meanderings represented with corresponding colours and assorted content. A treasury of a decade-long work on categorizing and redistributing materials, available and added. Fresh from Matrijaršija printing shop.

Wormhole (Belgium)
Le Tunnel

We invite you to attend a faithful reconstruction of a key historic moment: the signing of the accords that have lead to the construction of a famous corridor connecting Marseille and Belgrade.



Master of Pidgeon

Master of Pidgeon is the first bot poet that writes in Serbo-Croatian. Hailed as the most productive poet in the region, he learned from the best and matured with folk, turbo folk and pop. The Master of Pidgeon is anything but naive, his poetry is polysemous, accurate, precise, yes, he is a spirit in the machine.




Some guy and his keyboard play songs about love, death and wine, coming directly from the french sewers, with love, death and wine.

Paolo Técon (France)

A singer of sentimental melodies, most often Italian, sometimes French, and twice so far, Serbian. Love and attempted suicide are his primary themes. It can be danced to. The brain neurons that are active when you think of some action and when you’re doing the action are highly excited.

Fou Lucifer Fou (France)

Industrialized songs based on voice and manipulation of cassette tapes. The lyrics are pure poetry. The physical commitment is maximal. Everything is done by ears. A copy which is not under contract.
For amateurs of Power electronics and Fado.


ghetto music on a toboggan, everybody are welcome

Saturday, Oct 7

ŠTAB Gallery



Olivier Allemane
Azimut Brutal

Azimut Brutal is CMYK epilepsy.
The endless CMYK fractals with no background, no front or back, everything is equally important and most important, though there is some overlap. But overlaps are the new fractals. The CMYK stroboscopia faithfully reproduced in silk screen printing technique, on large formats, burned images, gawking figures. What fortune is this what’s with this fortune. You can’t say yet it is overtaking you. No pastels nor halftones in endless combinations of cmyk cmky cymk cykm ckmy ckym kymc kycm kmyc kmcy kcmy kcym mcyk mcky mkyc mkcy mykc myck ycmk yckm ymkc ymck ykcm ykmc


18+ XXX dominanta
(ND ilegala)

Sunday, Oct 8

AKC Matrijaršija



Goran Stojčetović (Art Brut Serbia)
Riders of the fog

Light-bearing action and reaction as definitive proof the Serbian people plowed roads in space even 800 years ago!
Installation by Mubareć collective



Christophe Clébard

A synth-punk solo project from Brussels.He released his most recent album, ‘Suce Moi’, on the Canadian label Agony Klub Records in late 2016. Live, his sets are intensely punishing as he puts the audience in a trance, his vocal assault opens a portal to a dark psychic odyssey. His debut album, Amour et bite (self released, 2015) was named one of the best albums of the year by The Word Magazine (Belgium).

New Root Canal

“New Root Canal, is Rufus Mich, the son of the ever and always ass-kicking Fluxus artist Ludo Mich. Just as sturm-und-drang-like as his father, he started on his show. Mellow synth drones were surfing on rattling rhythms. In the meantime young Mich was rhyming and shouting through his crackling and hissing acid/krautrock electropunk songs, which sound at the same time swinging and psychedelic. And always strong. So strong even, that it reminded us of Chrome, Alan Vega, John Carpenter and Eric B. & Rakim.”


Andreas Klotz aka Superskin creates airy, lofi-encrusted, poly-textural compositions that revel in an opium haze. Following dub-infected sequences of rhythmic structures, slabs of luscious melodies modestly introduce themselves only to roll back and reappear, generating spacious otherworldly landscapes. Stripped down enigmatic arrangements that operate in a realm of deconstruction and textural sensibility.
Superskin has released albums on SF Broadcasts, BABA VANGA, sama recordings and a split with Bear Bones, Lay Low on Feathered Coyote Records. The new album on BABA VANGA is planned for October 2017.


The first Kafana of the new season will coincide with the last day of the Novo Doba festival! Mega Denke, Super Banko and Maestro Denić, who are always spectacular, but you can only imagine how spectacular they will be this time and on this special occasion. Just like when Easter and Good Friday meet! Come and let us open the doors of Kafana, let us listen to music more classical than classical, let us fall into a trance of horror and awe, and wait for dawn to close this year’s festival together!


Peti festival nesvrstanog stripa

The fifth festival of non-aligned comics Novo Doba will take place at different venues in Belgrade and Pančevo from 29th September to 5th October 2014. The seven-day hectic festival programme includes workshop-oriented activities during the day and a rich night programme of exhibitions, video projections and music events.
Novo Doba gives a selected overview of a highly active and productive independent scene in Serbia and the EX-YU region, as well as in a wider international context, thus presenting a spectrum of non-aligned authors, media, styles, techniques, subgenres, skills, fine arts, countercultures, cultures and a lack of culture. What’s more, the festival offers a direct insight in the Madness Dimension, being the subject of this year’s festival.
This year, all the festival guests, authors, and interested attenders, as well as young developmentally disabled persons from Naša Kuća, the association supporting persons with developmental disabilities, will take part in open workshops. The workshops will present a range of activities and skills having to do with working on comic books and comic book publishing: drawing and creating comic books and illustrations, silk-screen printing and similar procedures that enable authors to print their own comic books, fanzines and graphics using DIY method.
The exhibition of group ZZOT from Zagreb, that marked the alternative and avant-garde comic book in the 1980s, calls attention to the existence of a certain continuity of trends and sensibilities in the field of independent comic book, presenting a rather vivacious, witty, and multidisciplinary work of now recognised and successful members of the said group ZZOT.
Numerous participants of the festival from the country and from abroad, among others, include – Marko Turunen from Finland, Dunja Janković, Igor Hofbauer ,and Miron Milić from Croatia, Goran Dačev from Macedonia, Mathieu Desjardins and Renard IV from France, Anna Ehrlemark, Mattias Elftrop, and Heidi Somero from Sweden, Grejpfrut group, Ekološko društvo Porevit ,and Menza pri Koritu club from Slovenia, groups Studiostrip and Mubareć from Belgrade, Miroslav Lazendić from Subotica, Aleksandar Zograf and others.
Generated for years, regionally and internationally networked, the genuine Madness Dimension will openly knock about selected venues in Belgrade and Pančevo, presenting trends in the international scene of independent, alternative and avant-garde comic book, as well as in related and similar fields of art.


4. festival nesvrstanog stripa
4th festival of non-aligned comics
Belgrade & Pančevo (SR)
28. maja – 2. juna 2013.

Od 28. maja do 2. juna u Beogradu i Pančevu održava se četvrti po redu festival nesvrstanog stripa, štampane grafike, zvuka kao muzike, video materije, veštačkog cveća i večitog proleća.

Izložbe, koncerti, radionice i ostala dešavanja odvijaće se u Beogradu u CZKD-u, Kulturnom centru Rex, Inex Filmu, Drugstore-u, Kulturnom centru Grad, te u Pančevu u Galeriji Elektrika, Istorijskom arhivu Grada Pančeva, Domu omladine Pančeva… Na ulici, u parku, mračnom sokaku… Ljubav ne prestaje… I ko zna kad – zna gde i zašto da ne, svi programi su besplatni i slobodni, kao ljubav.

I ove godine Novo Doba donosi izuzetno kompleksan program koji nije moguće predstaviti jeftinom ili skupom reklamom, bilbordom ispred ambasade, skupštine. Potrebno je proučiti, ne verovati nego proveriti, pogledati linkove, naći dublji smisao, imati razlog, biti otvoren za sve i svakog.

Iz obilatog programa izdvajamo: izložbu Dunje Janković, strip eksperimentatorke iz Hrvatske; izložbu Borisa Pramatarova, mlade nade bugarske scene; eksperimentalno muzičko veče ostvareno u saradnji sa beogradsko-belgijskom izdavačkom kućom No Basement Is Deep Enough; gostovanje portugalske ekipe Oficina Arara/Buraco; izložbu veterana francuske underground scene Jean Jacques-a Tachdjiana i njegove izdavačke kuće La Chienne; otvorenu radionicu video manipulacije u organizaciji Izvanrednog Boba Miloševića i uz gostovanje Line Rice i FŠK-a iz Ljubljane; radionicu pokretljivih skulptura i instalacija od metala kolektiva Karkatag i veliku pijacu stripova i umetničkih tvorevina u Inex Filmu.

Svakodnevne izložbe, radionice, dve i više, masovni koncerti, multidimenzionalne video projekcije, diskretni šarm revolucije, uvek novi autori, mladi a stari, stari autori opet mladi, zauvek mladi, zarobljeni u ovom prostoru i novom vremenu, dobu, putu u budućnost sa kartom u jednom pravcu. U suprotnom smeru, preko ulice na crveno, radnim danom do 6 ujutro.

Muzički program obuhvata pravce kao što su: prva muzika, muzička premijera, anonimni projekti poznatih autora, klasici undergrounda, paralelne frekvence, solarne projekcije u strobo ritmu, primitivni ples na obali Nila, suze iz Jordana, zvuk kosmosa.

Po običaju, festival prati obiman štampani katalog, ljubavni spomenar, sa sve četiri strane sveta, knjiga od marcipana sa mirisom bugarske ruže u kombinaciji sa rumunskim prolećem, tragovi karmina na požutelom papiru, uramljeni poljupci, teške reči ljubavnih ispovesti. Ljubav božja, ljudska, životinjska, ljubav prema ugriženoj jabuci, prva ljubav.

Raspitajte se kod zaboravljenog prijatelja, osobenog rođaka, bivšeg partnera, lika ispred samoposluge, čoveka bez kafića, žene bez šminke, deteta bez nadzora.

Kao i uvek, oduvek, kao i sve što je najlepše: mesec, sunce, voda, vazduh, znanje i neznanje, sreća i suze, kao ljubav koja nema cenu, svi programi su slobodni i besplatni, lepi i potresni.

Više informacija i kompletni program ovogodišnjeg festivala naći ćete na:


i na našoj facebook stranici: